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Untitled          October 4th, 2004
I left you high and dry
Can I ever really forgive myself
For the atrocities I have committed
Just to alienate you
My love
The mystery of what could have been
Will haunt me forever and ever and beyond.
We will be together on the other side.
I hope then you can forgive me...
I hope then you will love me.
I will pray for you until my dying day.
I have been nothing without you.
Each day without you my mere existence crumbles apart.
Heartbreak is kinda like that, I guess.
My candle will burn for you until my dying breath.

For You           October 10th, 2004
I'd give up myself if I could touch you just one more time.
To feel your warm breath upon me.
In death is the only chance I will have to see you my love.
Maybe in death you will forgive me.
Please remember me as you loved me, as now I am
Nothing but a broken soul incapable of rationality.

Pain and Solitude               October 4th, 2004
I wish I could die to ease
Whatever pain I gave you
My death will hopefully come soon.
When I hurt you, my soulmate,
I only hurt myself.
My God you were the one there for me!
Now there is no point.
Forgive me, my love, for I hope that
We will be together in death.