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Lincoln Cemetery, Saylorville, Iowa

Lincoln Cemetery, Saylorville, Iowa near Des Moines July 1st 2004

Ok, I will never go back here.  Ryan, Terry and myself had very bad experiences here.  First, my camera stopped working, then there was the bad vibes.  We got a few good shots.  What was bad was Ryan's truck refused to start for a good five minutes.  We were in the middle of nowhere next to a cemetery and we were freaked out.  The truck was fine, but it's not explainable why it did that.  Definately an eerie place.  It's next to the Saylorville lake if you are interested.  I also got a number of odd EVP's. 

Lincoln Cemetery
Saylorville, Iowa July 1st 2004

Saylorville, Iowa
July 1st 2004

Saylorville, Iowa
july 1st, 2004

Saylorville, Iowa
July 1st, 2004

Saylorville, Iowa
July 1st 2004