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Des Moines, Iowa

Cemetery on Merle Hay Road, June 26th 2004

Ryan, Terry and myself visited a couple of cemeteries in Des Moines and I did get some results.  It surprised me that I got another mist photograph, and I got many excellent EVP's.  It was an interesting evening, to say the least!

Mist at Merle Hay

I am unsure what this is...

Orbs around Jesus statue

These were some of the EVP's I got that night.  Ryan was stepping over some graves and a voice said "ahhhh."  Then, later, a voice said "Ryan I tried to warn you."  I was taking some pictures and I said "I wonder if these will turn out," and a voice said "Ha ha!"  I got quite a few more, it was a productive night for the voices!

Woman saying ahhh

Voice says "Ha ha"

Voice "Ryan I tried to warn you"

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