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Jail Cell of the Mind      Sept 16th, 1997

Locked up
in my own
private nightmares
haunting me
unable to return
to reality
is this the way
God meant life
to be?

Last Chance     Sept 2nd, 1997

I'm sick of saying goodbye
is it too much to ask
to have a final embrace?
To ask final questions?
To want to have
One final explanation?
Even though it hurts
i need it for my sanity
or do you even care?


Memory      September 4th, 1997

All i ask from you
is to remember me
fondly after
i am gone
it feels horrible
to think all you'll
remember about me
is scars and pain
remember me
before i was a liar
an addict
a thief
a bitch
remember some decent
innocent fragile part of me
Please don't forget that


Question      Sept 9th, 1997

If knowledge
Is power
Why am i so
Damn weak???